Combination Plates

Lunch from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday

Served with: Egg Roll and Friend Rice or White Rice, Dinner includes soup


House Specialties

Served with Rice


House Special Family Dinners

(All dinners served w/ Soup, Egg Roll & Friend Rice)

-- No Substitutions Please --


Served with White Rice


Served with White Rice


Served with White Rice


Lo Mein 

(Soft Noodles)

Pad Thai

(The most famous Thai noodle dish) Sauteed rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts and green onions, topped with crushed peanuts

Japanese Udon Noodles

Sauteed udon noodles with mushrooms, bok choy, peapods in garlic soy sauce

Great Wall Style Pan Fried Noodle 

A variety of vegetables served over crispy pan fried noodles


Served with White Rice

Chop Suey / Chow Mein

(Chop Suey gets Rice / Chow Mein gets Noodles)

Egg Foo Young

Served with White Rice

Fried Rice